Why do you need marketing?

"Marketing is the activity of creating want which can be supplied and it enters into economics the moment that one acquires exchange for it." - according to the Hubbard Management System.

Many times, the main difference between a successful company or organization and the one that fails lays in the area of marketing.  Companies that become well known and financially successful have invested into marketing.

If you do not spend part of your profit on marketing, you are doing your competition a service.


On this website, you are going to find resources to help you create a marketing campaign or make your campaigns more effective.  I advise you to sign up to our free newsletter and use our free or paid services.  Also, check out our blog.

The whole point of marketing is that you invest funds and/or energy to get more funds back.


Best Regards,

Gabor Toth

CEO & Founder

Effective Marketing Group


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